Business Plan: APPROVED

We're so thrilled to be writing this... this week we had confirmation from the Peak Park that our business plan had made it through the first approval Gateway. This means we are now permitted to plough on with raising our funds and spreading the word, safe in the knowledge that we now have until November to gather the best support we can.


We're looking for ambitious and creative ideas for support, as well as donations from you! Have you been thinking about doing something for charity fund raising? Why not set aside some of your goal total to our project? Get in touch if you think you would like to support us!

Tree Dedication

As well as traditional donation fund raising, we are also offering personal dedications for each tree we plan to plant, priced at £25. When the project is under way, these dedications will become part of the legacy of the project in a permanent and creative way. You can find out how to dedicate a tree here:

Thank you so much for all of your support so far - it's been fantastic!

Please share our cause with anyone you think might want to help and sign up to our mailing list for more updates on the project.

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